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House Rules

Anyone can join the Whitley Bay Theatre Company as long as the following basic house rules are followed.


1) People are treated fairly, honestly and equally regardless of their race, sexuality, religion or position within the group.


2) All members are given the chance to speak freely about a subject without feeling pressurised from any other member.


3) Those required to attend meetings / rehearsals at specific times and dates must do so promptly as this has an adverse effect on the rest of the group if people do not turn up or are late. The Chair or Director must be informed of any dates where a person is not available so that other arrangements can be made if necessary.


4) When a person joins they must be prepared to pay a Subscription charge. This is a nominal charge set by the Committee and covers for the cost of Licensing and Insurance charges. There is yearly charge to cover all shows and events OR a one-off fee to cover for one show only.


5) At the start of a rehearsal period principal characters will be issued with a script. It is expected that these be paid for - to help with the cost involved in putting on a show.

Contact Us

To contact us just drop an email to chris@wbtcproductions.com

Playhouse Box Office

0844 248 1588

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm
Sat 10.30am - 2.30pm


Our latest project

We are currently working on this new website!  Welcome - you have found us!

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